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r and d造句

"r and d"是什麼意思  r and dの例文  
  • Therefore , domestic r and d and life - long education must receive ample emphasis
  • The rajas of outsourcing are taking on r and d and computer - aided engineering
  • Kevin and joanna are discussing the importance of r and d in relation to the development of the company
  • Joanna : research and development , without a doubt . without the proper r and d to get a product started , it won ' t go anywhere
  • Lester : i agree , but remember , our investors may see r and d costs as money spent without the possibility of an immediate return
  • Kevin : i agree , but remember , our investors may see r and d costs as money spent without the possibility of an immediate return
  • Kevin : yes , i ' ve started , and i ' ve found some good people for r and d . oh , by the way , the art people called to discuss the design of our logos
  • Our government is sparing no efforts in policies and funding to promote r and d . i myself was fortunate enough to be heavily involved in this area in the 1980s , and results are beginning to show
  • Including the cost of paying employees in stock , microsoft spent 6 . 8 billion on r and d last year , but said that number would be slightly lower at around 6 billion in fiscal 2005 due to the lower costs of issuing stock awards
  • Tens of thousands of ethnic chinese , including some american - born ones , are in american , canadian , british , european and australian universities and research institutes doing high level research and development r and d in hard sciences and engineering
  • It's difficult to see r and d in a sentence. 用r and d造句挺難的
  • Google has become the place to get rich . but that argument goes only so far . it ca n ' t explain why kai - fu lee , a microsoft executive , joined google this summer - after the ipo bonanza - to become head of its new r and d center in china
  • Undoubtedly , investments in r and d are made mainly in applied technology and other economics - related fields , and this should constitute 85 per cent of all r and d work . the other 15 per cent should be allotted to research into the basic sciences
    毫無疑問,研究與發展的投資主要在于應用技術以及與經濟相關的領域,這方面也許應占研究與發展全部投入的85 % ,另外的15 %則應靈活運用到與基礎科學有關的研究。
  • Important progress was made in major r and d projects , including those to design and develop advanced integrated circuit chips , third - generation mobile communications , high - performance composite materials , and high - grade , digitally controlled machine tools
  • Also , mr . wang , an r and d supervisor at a local company who had studied painting from his youth , attentively examined masters paintings and went on to inspect her art album as well , noting the great attention to detail she demonstrates in her outstanding works
  • Singapore is succeeding in transplanting significant amount of foreign talent in technological fields , but now emphasis must be placed on translating their presence into a permanent change in local psychology and environment for r and d and innovation , or their presence will also be in vain
  • My speech by video to a science conference in manchester in britain earlier today highlighted our ambitions for scientific and medical research - that britain lead the world as a location for r and d , for world class universities , and for effective technology transfer between education and business
  • In the last 10 years , under the leadership of the government , we invested much effort and money in high technology and research and development r and d these investments are starting to bear fruit , especially in the area where the government has placed emphasis - the area of applied science and technology , such as bio - technology , computers and micro - electronics
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