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research item造句

"research item"是什麼意思  research itemの例文  
  • This research item is the one of the results on this item
  • Reinforcing the management of higher education research items to promote the higher education reform
  • We can see the importance of this research item from the attitude of the american experts to it
  • Established research item " gamma knife actinotherapic therapy on nasopharynx cancer and acted as chief excutive
  • China seismology bureau " ninth-five " duration emphasis research item ( 95-04 ) has endowed the studying works in this paper
  • Project supported by a grant for key research items no . 2 in “ climbing ” program from the ministry of science and technology of china ( grant no . )
  • Based on the investigation results the new research items, the new system and mechanism in concrete durability in shanxi province were suggested
  • The method for constructing knowledge warehouse is applied to a national defense basic pre-research item in a certain institute; and favorable results are achieved
  • The subject is supported by the major prepared researching item of " 95 " national defence ( electronic ) of the electronic ministry and the matched item of minitary industry
  • Agent technology, especial the multi-agent system ( mas ), is the main research item . mas " target is to build agent social like human being social
  • It's difficult to see research item in a sentence. 用research item造句挺難的
  • But in the hole, the company ’ s research item isn ’ t satisfied for us and a lot of items haven ’ t reach to the expected object
  • Continuously variable transmission ( cvt ) is the ideal transmission for automobile, it is also one of the most important research items of researchers and automobile companies all over the world
  • Mitigating cable vibration using mr damper can be considered as a new research item, many problems in theory and application are remained to research and solve
  • The module is based on pxi-bus . pxi-bus counter module is a sub-item of homegrown pxi-bus testing system, which is a major pre-research item funded by national plan of china
  • Abstract : based on the analysis of technical level of mo metallurgy andprocessing industry, suggestions are given on the basic research items and the popularization and future application
  • But when under the product dealing environment ’ s daily complex condition, research item face to raising uncertainty and more and more risk, so the risk management about the item is very important
  • 4 important research item of shanghai science committee : persistence development of manufacturing of chongming county . practice 1 2005 92006 1 : economic management department, shanghai traffic occupation technology school, engaged in teaching
  • ;the research items are listed as bellow . 1 . the structures and fabrication technology of different pressure sensors are analyzed after carefully studying the relevant documents
  • American have research it for about tens of years and averagely spent about eight million dollars every year . when sum up this research item in 2000, a conclusion is drawn : the money spent on it is too few
  • It accepts scientific many research items of the state the chinese academy of sciences and province has achievements, has applied for and gained wore than 100 patents, has published 3500 scientific thesis
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