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"saa"是什麼意思  saaの例文  


  • Securities analysts association of china saa
  • Saa special arbitrage account
  • The simulation shows that the improved saa is both feasible and efficient
  • Saa : sound absorption ability
  • Mr tadic responds that , whatever happens in kosovo , serbia has no choice but to sign the saa
  • 3 . a modern combination algorithm saa ( simulated annealing algorithm ) is applied in area minimization algorithms
    3 .將現代組合優化算法模擬退火算法應用于面積優化算法中,取得了較好的效果。
  • Gva is generally accepted as a efficient combinatorial auction mechanism . saa has been adopted in fcc ' s spectrum auction , and achieved high performance
    閥值價格雙重拍賣, lds , s - map的目的是為了消除網絡拍賣中存在的匿名欺詐競價行為。
  • Sienhua ' s products have sequently gained safety and quality system certificates including ul , csa , saa , gs , ccc and iso9001 : 2000
    產品先后取得美國ul 、加拿大csa 、澳洲saa 、歐洲gs等國家及中國ccc的電器安全認證和iso9001 : 2000國際質量體系認證。
  • Besides the two algorithms given above , we also give a algorithm that is based on simulated annealing algorithm ( saa ) , although for the effective of algorithms it is mostly suitable for level track
  • As a good optimization method simulated annealing algorithm ( saa ) has features of simplicity , flexibility , wide application , high efficiency and few initial condition . and it ’ s appropriate to parallel computing
  • It's difficult to see saa in a sentence. 用saa造句挺難的
  • In the end , considering the actual issues , classical simulate anneal algorithm ( saa ) is introduced , this paper explains the relation between performance and parameters of saa in detail , and researches the way to set parameters , as well as purposes efficient ways to improve the performance of saa
  • Auction mechanism is classified into four types in classical theory of auction . as development of e - commerce and economic , many new combinatorial auction mechanism has emerged , such as random nth - rice auction , gva , saa , ausm , psp , akba , ibundle , new auction mechanism has also been developed to prevent buyer false - name bidding , such as tpd , lds , s - map . random nth - price auction is designed to induce people to reveal their private preferences for a good
    國外經典拍賣理論將拍賣機制分為四種,隨著電子商務和經濟發展,國外在多物品組合拍賣機制和防止網絡匿名欺詐行為的機制創新方面有很多研究成果,出現了諸如隨機n價拍賣, gva拍賣,同步提價拍賣( saa ) , ausm ,累進次價拍賣( progressivesecondprice ) , akba , ibundle ,閥值價格雙邊拍賣( thresholdpricedoubleauction ) , lds , s - map等新型拍賣機制。
  • In order to ensure each item is in accordance with the safety standards of other countries , lucky united was approved by cqc china and aoqc iso9002 version 94 in year 1998 and has been successfully re - approved by the iso9001 version 2000 in year 2003 . our products are approved by the safety certification by ul csa pse f - mark kema fimko nemko demko cebec imq saa ccc keti uciee and vde certification institutes
    本集團為了確保各項產品能夠合乎各國的安全規范,特別于1998年分別通過了中國cqc與aoqc國際認證中心iso9002 94質量管理體系認證并于2003年完成iso9001 2000版的系統轉換認證。產品先后取得ul csa pse f - mark kema fimko nemko demko cebec imq saa ccc keti uciee以及vde等認證機構的安規認證。
  • In spite of these advantages , we should concentrate on how to extend the representation of modes , how to apply to unstructured grids , etc . and when combining pod and saa , it is necessary to know how to represent the shape and how to control the range of seeking and iteration number
  • 5 . in the background of the design and implementation of network management system for the local network of china mobile , we have analyzed and designed detailedly the key technique , approach and software architecture of a practical network management system based on starbus , which use mhnm architecture , the scheme of managed objects arrangement , saa , gpa and practical skills achieved when we developed china post and china broadcast and tv network management systems . in the end , we summarize the main achievement of this paper and state some further work in the future
    5 .以中國移動通信網本地網網管系統設計為背景,以我們先后開發中國移動通信網本地網網管系統、廣電有線電視傳輸網網管系統和郵政網網管系統的實踐為基礎,結合多級網絡管理體系結構ml江nm 、管理信息的組織策略、提取管理信息的自適應算法saa和組預取算法gpa ,在基于corba的分布計算軟件平臺starbus上,詳細分析了基于corba技術實現實用的異構網管系統集成管理的關鍵技術、途徑和軟件結構。
  • 3 . as there are up to 106 managed objects on element level of tmn ( telecommunications management network ) in telecommunications network , and the scheme to collect management information affects the performance of network management , a new algorithm - saa ( self - adaptive algorithm ) used for retrieving multi objects information has been put forward in this thesis . saa can adjust the retrieving objects and interval of retrieval self - adaptively by using the schemes of self - adaptivity , fault tolerance , recognition status of object dynamically etc . , and thus can use fewer network resources without alteration of snmp ( simple network management protocol ) , iiop ( internet inter - operability protocol ) or cmip ( common management information protocol )
    針對傳統的定時提取網絡管理信息方法的不足,提出了一種提取多管理對象信息的新算法? ?自適應算法saa ( self - adaptivealgorithm ) ,該算法能在不改變管理協議,如iiop ( internetinter - operabilityprotocol ) 、 snmp或cmip ( commonmanagementinformationprotocol ,公共管理信息協議)的情況下,采用自適應策略、容錯策略、動態識別被管對象狀態策略、被管對象存儲空間的動態刷新策略,根據本次訪問被管國防科學技術大學研究生院學位論文對象所得出的網絡通信量,自適應地調整下次應該訪問的被管對象和讀取被管劉?象數據的時間間隔,從而可以較少地消耗所用的網絡帶寬和cpu資源。
  • Then a new improving scheme of ga which we call it hgsaa ( hybrid gentic - simulatd annealing algorithm ) is put forward based on the existing condition , and the new algorithm works more efficiently than the old one because it has not only ga ' s global searching capability but also saa ' s local searching capability . the simulatio results show the new algorithm is more effective than ga . the minimum cost is reduced and the clustered network structures have been produced with the onus are evenly distributed or clustered around the obds and the clustered network structures are well ordered with a satisfactory degree of symmetry after the hgsaa has runed 100 generation
  • It is counter - moisture , exploding - against , and waterproof , and has gain saa international safety authentication , ccc authentication , ce authentication ( quality and safety mark of equipment and product shared by members of efta ) , and also is the insurance products of china safety insurance company ( product liability )
    浴室這種特殊環境而設計制造的,它具有防潮、防爆、防水功能,并且獲saa國際安全認證、 ccc認證、獲ce認證(歐盟各成員國公用的設備和產品質量和安全標識) ,是中國平安保險公司保險產品(產品責任險) 。
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