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"saccharide"是什麼意思  saccharideの例文  


  • Separation of saccharides and salts by using nanofiltration membranes
  • Soybean oligo saccharide granules
  • Saccharide : glucose , mannose , xylose and galactose and so on are included
  • A quantificational study on the relationship between saccharide content of medlar and surrounding factors
  • Studies on the constituents of polysaccharide and the content of saccharide from mongolian medicine jiruhen agaru
  • Saccharide as a substance of energy and information has strong antifungal bioactivity
  • A covalent enzyme - substrate intermediate with saccharide distortion in a mutant t4 lysozyme
  • Analysis of honey - determination of the content of saccharides fructose , glucose , saccharose , turanose and maltose - hplc method
  • The mechanisms of cytokinins in retarding of senescence was discussed in relation to saccharides , lipid oxidation , as well as to other hormones
  • The recent progress in the studies of saccharide - metal complex is reviewed . especially their synthesis based on saccharide ligand and application is described
  • It's difficult to see saccharide in a sentence. 用saccharide造句挺難的
  • The recent progress in the studies of saccharide - metal complex is reviewed . especially their synthesis based on saccharide ligand and application is described
  • Saccharide : glucose , mannose , xylose and galactose and so on are included . this kind of amylose can improve human immunity , and acts on the prevention and cure of cancer and aids
  • The mechanism of function and application of antifungal drugs and antifungal means in the medical and mycological realms as well as the role of saccharide in the antifungal process are described in this paper
  • The peak time of protein and reductic saccharide were the 14th and the 16th . it showed that optimum time of collecting protein and reductic saccharide were the 14th day and the 16th day respectively
    培養液中的蛋白質及還原糖的高峰期分別出現在第14d和第16d ,表明蛋白質的收集宜在第14d進行,還原糖的收集宜在第16d進行。
  • Catalyzed chemiluminescence sensors based on nanomaterials including ethanol sensors , amine sensors , hydrogen sulfide and aldehyde sensors , saccharide sensors , were reviewed with 11 references in this paper
  • Results showed that persimmon leaves contained alkaloids , saponins , amino acids , polypeptides , organic acids , phenolic compounds and tannins , saccharides , steroids , flavones , cardiac glycosides , anthraquinones , naphtha , etc
  • Poly - saccharides are the most active health enhancing ingredient for the body . it is claimed to be effective when used with people experiencing mental and physical exhaustion , forgetfulness , insomnia , asthma and high blood pressure and can help lower cholesterol and coughs
  • Lingzhi is now widely researched and scientists have discovered 252 active components beneficial and essential to the human body , including poly - saccharides , amino acids , triterpenes , ganodemic acid , adenosine , polypeptides , glycopeptides , sterols , lipids , alkaloids , organic germanium and trace minerals ge , p , fe , ca , mg and zn . it is an adaptogen which brings immense benefits to human body without any side effect . while plenty of medical terminology is used to describe various effects on the body , we can summarize in laymen s words as the effective health giving food supplement
  • Chitinase forming strain is a kind of special microorganisms . this strain can utilize chitin as carbon source to survive and repoduce . and it has the common biochemical ch aracteristics of secreting chitinase . chitinase can degrade chitin into chitin oligosaccharide , chitin disaccharide , and chitin monosaccharide . the application of chitinase and chitin oligo saccharide on plant resistance are extensively reported . moreover researches verified that c hitin oligosaccharide can promot the growth of plant . so chitinase froming strain is a kin d of promising fungi - resistant microorgnanism . therefore , it ' s a very meaningful work to d o more extensive and deeper researches in this respect
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