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trust investment造句

"trust investment"是什麼意思  trust investmentの例文  


  • International trust investment corp
  • China foreign economic and trade trust investment company fotic is a core enterprise of sinochem
  • Securities investment fund is one of trust investments . comparing with britannic and american securities investment funds , china securities investment fund is very puerile
  • The company not only focus on the insurance business but also develops diversity business , so the ping " an security company , ltd . and ping " an trust investment company are created
  • Modern portfolio theory is the economic origin for the prudent investor rule , and they are integrated , which would be studied in our trust investment legalization
  • Criticisms of present situations of contractual type investment trust investment trust and suggestions of relative legislation in our country is the main contents in part four
  • In china now , most investment banks like security corporation , trust investment corporation , investment ( counseling ) , or finance corporation are set up according to administrative order
  • In chapter four , from aspects of the credit scale control as well as the development and reorganization of trust investment companies , the author discusses on the influence of periodical . economic fluctuation on the formation of npl
  • In design , in order to realize serial communication windows api is used ; also share memory manager and message queue manager is used . serial communication insulates website and shanxi trust investment company two lan
  • Manulife - sinochem is a joint venture company between manulife international limited 51 per cent and china foreign economic and trade trust investment company , a member of the sinochem group 49 per cent . about sinochem
  • It's difficult to see trust investment in a sentence. 用trust investment造句挺難的
  • Mr . wang delu ( chairman of beijing greatwall enterprise institute ) and qinghai qingtai trust investment co . , ltd . . located in the most developed region in manufacturing in china , we are providing the most valuable and high quality chemicals for our national manufacturer
  • About manulife - sinochem manulife - sinochem is a joint venture company between manulife international limited 51 per cent and china foreign economic and trade trust investment company , a member of the sinochem group 49 per cent . about sinochem
  • Financial institutions include banks , savings deposit agencies of postal office , housing saving banks , unban credit cooperative banks , rural credit cooperatives , urban credit banks , financial trust investment agencies and financial companies ect
  • Western trust investment company , is the people ' s bank of [ 2002 ] 203 silver document approved former shaanxi trust and investment corporation limited and the original northwest shaanxi province trust investment limited reorganization merger of a financial institution
    西部信托投資有限公司,是經中國人民銀行銀復[ 2002 ] 203號文件批準,由原陜西信托投資有限公司與原陜西省西北信托投資有限公司合并重組的一家金融機構。
  • The innovations in this paper are : 1 . because of the specific character of domestic trust investment companies , this paper digest the risks the trust investment companies facing and design the risk warning index system for trust investment company management
    本文的創新之處在于: 1 、由于信托投資公司所面臨風險的獨特性,本文系統的研究了信托投資公司所面臨的風險并設計了針對信托投資公司風險管理的系統的風險預警指標體系。
  • Presently the main investors of bond market are otc trading brokers bond dealers which includes hybrid securities firms , financial institutions , notes companies , trust investments and etc . among them , securities firms and note companies are the market - makers of our bond market and they are the contributors of market transaction scale and liquidity
    目前債券市場的投資人主要為債券自營商,其結構包含綜合證券商銀行票券金融公司證券金融公司信托投資公司中華郵政公司等,其中又以綜合證券商與票券金融公司為債券交易主要的市場莊家market - maker ,其對市場成交量貢獻與流動性創造最為積極。
  • In the point of legal , to prevent and avoid the risk of the trust investment , we should leam other country s legislation experience in the investment , and strengthen our country s legislation in this field combining our country s present situation , as follow : subject law of the trust market should be made to provide the rules of market entrance . it is determined by legal examination , that who are qualified to set up a trust invest fund as a sponsor ; which kind of institute or organization can get into trust market to manage trust invest business as a trustee ; which kind of institution or individuals are qualified to serve for the trust invest activities
  • It mainly discusses the state quo of financial trusts , real estate and how the finance supports real estate . the author analyzes the necessity of developing real estate in china with the entry of wto , and upgrading of industry ; the necessity from reconstruction of trusts investment and necessity from all kinds of deposit and accumulation fund
  • An analysis of the substitution rate of annuity and its corresponding investment risks and ratios can be made in accordance with the historical performance of closed funds through the portfolio effective frontier approach , indicating the upper limits of trust costs and performance management expenses and providing a decision - making approach to the trust investment of firm annuity
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